RiverHack 1.0 - Connecting people-land-water for healthier rivers

Friday evening, 14th October saw 30 curious and energetic enthusiasts come together at the Oxford Hackspace https://oxhack.org/
Despite a nervous start, students, entrepreneurs and representatives of different interest groups had a lot of fun over the next 24 hours, forging their own new community.  Fuelled by pizza, pastries and the odd beer, they made creative use of the masses of available data hosted on the Open Oxfordshire platform to generate wacky but workable tools and projects that could help ordinary folks to understand and connect better with their local rivers and streams.
At the end of a very energetic Saturday, 6 teams pitched their projects to the judges in the Dragons Den, each with a very different focus and target audience. The judges, impressed by all 6 projects, nevertheless managed to select three for extra commendation.
·         Dogs And Ducks
·         Water Goggles
·         Learning to Love our Rivers
Next steps will be to seek further support for all the projects that have potential for funding, and to start planning RiverHack 2.0 which we hope will build on the experiences and information which we have now gathered and stored Oxfordshire Open Data website.
More details of the hackathon and of the projects we generated can be found here - http://resilientoxford.uk/riverhack/RiverHack.doc   
This was a partnership event organised and delivered by Wild Oxfordshire, Earthwatch, AgileOx, Oxford Hackspace, CEH, and Downstreams, with support from the Smart Oxford initiative and partners.